"KAMCHATKA" company, official NWFC dealer
(North-West Fishing Consortium)

"KAMCHATKA" is a modern and dynamically developing company, currently operating in wholesale and retail supply of King Crab, by-products, seafood and premium class fish products from the North-West and other Russian regions.

Cooperation with the biggest fishing vessels of the leading Russian companies, which specialize in fishing and processing of King Crab in the Barents sea, is a reason of excellent quality and reasonable prices.



The technology we use has been specifically developed for crab fishing and production. It allows us to preserve useful nutrients and vitamins, essential for maintaining and preserving human health. The company owns its transport department, in order to control and maintain modern and efficient delivery quality.

Our products meet the highest standards worldwide! The biggest restaurants, hotels, and catering chains chose us as their permanent supplier and a business partner!





Everything starts with KAMCHATKA!

The catch and production:

The plant in Veliky Novgorod.

Our advantages:


The company works only with certified products;


Complete documentation;


Fish and seafood supplies come directly from the producers;


Well-established control over the quality;


Well-establish logistic and purchase process;


Individual terms during cooperation with every customer;

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